Are Mylar Bags Good for Weed Storage?

scrummbled mylar bag

Mylar bags are most popular for storing perishable foods. However, the applications of the bags are a lot more than that. They can also be used to store weed. I use glossy mylar bags as my edible packaging, and clear bags for weed so that customers can get a good look at the strain. And they are undoubtedly among the best packaging options for weed storage when all factors are considered. Some of the top reasons why Mylar bags are good for storing weed are highlighted below.

They Prevent Oxidation

Using Mylar bags and a vacuum sealer, you can pack your weed and ensure that no oxygen will get to it. To make it even better, you can use oxygen absorbers to ensure that even the minimal oxygen trapped within the packaging does not affect the weed. Without oxygen, marijuana can remain in good condition for a much longer time compared to when other storage methods are used.

Mylar Bags Blocks Light

Mylar bags do not allow light to get inside. That means that when you store your weed using the bags, the cannabis buds will not be exposed to light, which usually results in a change in color, taste, and odor. Mylar bags are usually available in different thicknesses. Ideally, the thicker the bag, the more assured you will be that no light will get into it.

They Do Not Absorb Any Odor

Right from the manufacturing stage, Mylar bags usually do not have any odors. Unlike plastic bags and various other alternatives, Mylar bags also do not absorb any smells that may come from exposure or other external sources. For that reason, you can be sure that your cannabis buds’ taste will not be affected by other odors when you choose to store them in Mylar bags.

Mylar Bags Are Waterproof

The waterproof nature of Mylar bags makes them an excellent option for storing weed. That is because you can be sure that no moisture will get into the bag. That helps to keep bacteria, fungi, and molds away from your weed. That ensures that you can consume your weed when you take it from the packaging without fear of getting sick.

The Bags Are Reusable

You can use the same Mylar bags to store your weed several times. All you have to do is reseal it after use. To ensure that your weed quality is not hampered, you can also clean the Mylar bag before reusing it again. The number of times you can reuse the bag depends on the thickness and quality of the bag.