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Source of Pink Discharge during Pregnancy Test

Whenever a vaginal discharge, mostly colorless, mixes with traces of blood, they produce a pink colored discharge. The discharge common just before menstruation. This is usually a concern to many individuals. This read is going to address the source of the pink discharge during pregnancy. Common sources of pink discharge

General information

1. Bleeding after birth

pregnancy Bleeding after birth is common during the healing process in women who just delivered. It is not possible to find this type of discharge in people taking a pregnancy test.

2. Menstruation

The period before menstruation is characterized by the release of a pink discharge. In the early phase of menstruation, the menstrual blood may appear pink at first and thicken with time. The women undertaking pregnancy test could be almost menstruating.

3. Birth control

Intra-uterine devices and contraceptive can be a cause of the pink discharge. The body takes the time to adjust to IUDs. During this period, a pink discharge can appear. Contraceptive are made from hormones; this interferes with how the normal menstrual cycle occurs. Contraceptives cause spotting in between menses. Release as a result of birth control is random. Use of birth control can explain the presence of a pink discharge during pregnancy test.

4. Ovulation

Ovulation is where the follicle stimulating hormone triggers the release of the eggs from ovarian follicles. The eggs can puncture small holes causing a negligible amount of blood being released. The increase in the FSH can cause an increase in eggs released and hence an increase in blood. The blood lasts for only a few hours. The presence of blood in the vaginal discharge can explain the pink discharge during pregnancy test.

Complications with a pink discharge

Under normal circumstances, the presence of the discharge should not be a reason to panic. Continuous presence can be an indicator of a serious complication. Some of the conditions are discussed here.

1. Ectopic pregnancy

Pink discharge is common with such types of complications. Ectopic pregnancy is where a fertilized egg implants itself on a part that is not the uterus e.g. fallopian tube. The body will be unable to support the normal stages of pregnancy.

2. Infection

The urinary tract can get infected releasing pus or mucus mixed with blood. This discharge can bear a pink color.

3. Cancer

Cervical cancer affects women and is characterized by a pink vaginal discharge. If the woman undertaking the test if above 45 years, this is a possible case of cervical cancer.

4. Erosion of the Cervix

pregnant woman Cervical erosion is common between, before and after menses. The erosion is typically painless, and a pink discharge is present. The discharge is mixed with mucus. The presence of the pink discharge can also be because of cervical erosion. Cervical erosion can also be experienced after physical activity or sexual intercourse.


Why Should You Hire Professional Roofing Companies?

Materials of high quality

They carry out the repairs using materials of high quality. Therefore, ensuring the longevity of the roof. It is important to let the professional do their job as an agenda from trial available in local stores is of inferior quality and are not as durable. Using inferior quality material is a risk as the repaired surface may not last long.

The diversity of services

unique building Apart from repairing your leaking roof Professionals can give you extra services that you had initially not foreseen e.g.  fix vent pipes, replacing a missing roof shingle, skylight roof leaks, roof flashing. They can install chimneys, metal, tiles, cedar, slate. They will also check the whole roof to ensure that there is no risk of a leakage on any part of the ceiling.

Repairing a leaking is cheaper than complete roof replacement

Roof repair is more affordable when done by professionals unlike the perception that it is expensive. In the long run, it is cheaper than roof replacement. It is critical to call a roofer immediately you detect a leakage on the roof to save the future cost of roof replacement.

Covers your house

A spoiled roof will always leak in the house in case it rains. Leaking in the house means that the water from the rain may taper with items in the house. Leakage will also affect the interior of the house, therefore damaging the general feel of the house and its items. It is, therefore, an advantage to repair as it is beneficial in the long run.


One may be tempted to fix the roof leakages by themselves. This may look like a good idea, but it is not a good idea in the long run as one runs the risk of getting hurt in the process. You may even destroy a member of the family in the process, and this may pose a greater danger than if you hired professionals to do the job for you.


ghghghghghYou do not have to disrupt your regular schedule to accommodate the roofers. Roofers can carry out their work even when you re way from the home. You can also request the roofers to do the job in one day so that you may gladly continue with your regular routines and schedules.

Maintain the house appearance and value

Damaged roof devalues a house repairing the roof is an advantage to the owner as it maintains the house value, therefore, increasing the marketability of your house while it looks good.

flea controller

Different Methods to Killing the Flea

Fleas can be a very big problem if they invade the household and the inhabitants. They are small and agile insects that live by feeding on animals like your flurry and harmless cat or dog. Sometimes the pests will carry with them the fleas to the house creating a very big problem to the family.

To get rid of these suckers, there is need of special treatment of both the pet and the house. For the effective control of the fleas, there is a need for both physical and chemical methods. Fleas come with the problem of having the ability to drop their eggs anywhere and everywhere in the house. Pest provides a wide range of methods of killing the pests.  These eggs can remain dormant for over a year making the chance of fleas reappearing after home treatment a very likely possibility to most homes.

Below are different methods to kill the flea

1. Trapping fleas with dish washing liquid

pest controllerThis is probably the easiest and the cheapest way of killing fleas. Water and dish washing liquid is very toxic to fleas. When the fleas jump into the mixture, they die. Water mixed with dishwashing detergent is placed on the ground in a shallow plate. The fleas will accidentally jump into the water and die. Pets can also be washed by the dish washing liquid to eliminate the fleas from their body.

2. Use of lemon solution on the affected area

Lemon is thinly sliced and dropped into the water which is then boiled. The mixture is then left overnight to achieve maximum potency. The mixture is then poured into a spray bottle and sprayed in the affected area.

3. Spread salt on the surface of the affected area

Salt sucks moisture from things making them dry out. When the salt crystal gets into contact with the flea, it will cause scraping and chafing of the flea making it bleed to death. The finer the salt is, the better. After a period of seven days, clean the house by vacuum cleaning the affected area to clear all the salt particles.

4. Spray with the insect growth regulator

Insect growth regulator stops the fleas from developing. This breaks their reproduction cycle. Very effective when you are looking at bringing a large infestation under control. You can buy the concentrate and mix according to the direction. It is important to spray the area of the house that is frequented by the pets.

5. Treating your pets

workerWashing your pets regularly will play a major part in killing the fleas. You can use the flea product on your pets when cleaning. There are also tablets that can be added to the food of the pet. These tablets will be able to affect the nervous system of the fleas when they suck blood from the pets.