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Bat Removal Tips in Your Home

Bats sometimes find a way to your home and make their way to the antic. Living with bats under the same roof can be frustrating, and you need to look for a way to get rid of them. When you have bats in your home, then there are chances that you will experience noise and discomfort at night.

Getting rid of bats is not as difficult as it seems. Unfortunately, most of the people are scared of bats, and this makes it even more difficult to remove them from your home. Here are some tips to help you with bat removal:

Airflow Technique

picture of a batUsing the airflow technique is one of the best ways to get rid of bats. Bats are responsive to air movement, and you can use this advantage to remove bats from your house. If you want to remove bats from your home, make sure that you close all the windows in the house.

After closing all the windows, you can now open one window only. The bats will follow the flow of air through the open window, and they will find their way outside. This is the only way to remove bats from your home without disturbances.

Use a Broom

You can use your broom to remove a bat from your home. This method can be a little bit complicated, but it works for bat removal. You need to remember that eliminating bats from home is not easy and especially if you have to use a broom.

When eliminating bats using a broom, it is important to stay very calm so that you can avoid scaring away the bat. It is important to remember that bats are flying mammals and when you disrupt them they might fly away.

Use Gloves

someone holding a batUsing gloves is an excellent way to remove bats from your home. You need to use gloves so that you avoid getting into contact with the animal. Bats are not dangerous animals, but this does not mean that you can handle them with bare hands. You need to use gloves to protect your skin when handling the bats so that you can avoid rabies.

Animal Removal Services

Hiring animal removal services is an excellent way to remove bats from your home. When you utilize an animal removal services, they will come to your home with all the equipment to make sure that all the bats in your home are gone.

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Different Methods to Killing the Flea

Fleas can be a very big problem if they invade the household and the inhabitants. They are small and agile insects that live by feeding on animals like your flurry and harmless cat or dog. Sometimes the pests will carry with them the fleas to the house creating a very big problem to the family.

To get rid of these suckers, there is need of special treatment of both the pet and the house. For the effective control of the fleas, there is a need for both physical and chemical methods. Fleas come with the problem of having the ability to drop their eggs anywhere and everywhere in the house. Pest provides a wide range of methods of killing the pests.  These eggs can remain dormant for over a year making the chance of fleas reappearing after home treatment a very likely possibility to most homes.

Below are different methods to kill the flea

1. Trapping fleas with dish washing liquid

pest controllerThis is probably the easiest and the cheapest way of killing fleas. Water and dish washing liquid is very toxic to fleas. When the fleas jump into the mixture, they die. Water mixed with dishwashing detergent is placed on the ground in a shallow plate. The fleas will accidentally jump into the water and die. Pets can also be washed by the dish washing liquid to eliminate the fleas from their body.

2. Use of lemon solution on the affected area

Lemon is thinly sliced and dropped into the water which is then boiled. The mixture is then left overnight to achieve maximum potency. The mixture is then poured into a spray bottle and sprayed in the affected area.

3. Spread salt on the surface of the affected area

Salt sucks moisture from things making them dry out. When the salt crystal gets into contact with the flea, it will cause scraping and chafing of the flea making it bleed to death. The finer the salt is, the better. After a period of seven days, clean the house by vacuum cleaning the affected area to clear all the salt particles.

4. Spray with the insect growth regulator

Insect growth regulator stops the fleas from developing. This breaks their reproduction cycle. Very effective when you are looking at bringing a large infestation under control. You can buy the concentrate and mix according to the direction. It is important to spray the area of the house that is frequented by the pets.

5. Treating your pets

workerWashing your pets regularly will play a major part in killing the fleas. You can use the flea product on your pets when cleaning. There are also tablets that can be added to the food of the pet. These tablets will be able to affect the nervous system of the fleas when they suck blood from the pets.