Choosing the Right Oil for Your Car

Motor Oil

The car is said to be one of the best inventions because of how it has made the life of man easier. Several benefits come with owning a car. You get to do your tasks fast because there is no need to wait for public transport. Taking your kids to school and going to work will be in a matter of minutes. Emergencies that need medical attention may arise at odd hours, and waiting for an ambulance may take a lot of time. A car can help transport your patient to the hospital fast. You can also travel through various parts of your country with a vehicle. Owning a car comes with its responsibilities. One has to observe proper maintenance practices to ensure their vehicle is in good condition.

The engine is the most important part of any vehicle, and it needs proper care. You can take care of your car’s engine by using the best motor oil andEngine Oil the right fuel system cleaners. Fuel injector cleaners help clear solid particles on your engine by dissolving them. This helps improve its performance. Motor oil acts as a lubricant which protects the engine from wearing out. It also helps cool the engine and improve its performance. You will find different types of motor oil in the market meant for various purposes. Here is what you should consider when choosing the right oil for your vehicle.

Viscosity ratings

You should consider the viscosity ratings of the motor oil you want to use on your vehicle. This is the thickness of the oil or its rate of flow. The main types you can find in the market include the single-viscosity and multi-viscosity oil. Less viscous oil flows smoothly through your engine. Most cars have the kind of oil to be used on them recommended on the user manual.


Car EngineThe additives contained in motor oil should guide you in purchasing the best. Some of the additives you will find in oils include viscosity modifiers stabilizers. They help cool your engine and keep it free from damages. You should buy oil rich in additives to increase the performance of your engine and keep it safe from wearing out.

Driving technique

Your style of driving can determine the type of oil you use on your car. Those that go short distances can use a particular kind of oil compared to those that go long distances. Driving short miles, mainly through the city can be tough on your engine. It tends to operate below its required temperature. You should pick high-performance oil in such a situation.