The Singapore Divorce Procedure


Were you married in Singapore and are you not looking to divorce your partner? Well, it may come to you as a shock but even though many people travel to this country to get married as it is less complicated to get married. Getting a divorce may not be as easy.

How to Get divorced in Singapore

Getting married may be easy, but if you want to dissolve your marriage separated couplein Singapore, there are proper divorce proceedings that need to be strictly followed. In fact, the requirements are that one or both parties must have lived in Singapore for the preceding three years to the filing, and they must have been married for at least three years.

Grounds for Filing

There are many reasons that can be seen as a reason for filing for divorce, but the main ones are abuse, being unwilling to participate in intercourse without good cause and other unreasonable activities. Desertion, Separation for over three years or adultery.

The actual process can be rather complicated to those who are not familiar with the legal system in Singapore, and it is always better to have a legal counsel by your side in these matters.

What is the procedure

When a divorce is filed, there are two parties, the plaintiff, and the defendant. The defendant will have eight days after being served the divorce papers to either contest or file for an extension.

divorceSecondly, a date and time will be set for the preliminary hearing, and if the divorce is being contested, this may drag on for several days. If the plaintiff has claims of abuse or violence, there will be witnesses called in from either side to testify. They may include, friends, family, and neighbors.

If the couple has grown up children, they may also be called to the stand as witnesses. But if the custody of the children is being contested, the courts will always decide what is best for the kids. They will often take into account stability, income and the character of who can be the custodial parent and also determine visiting rights.

Hire a lawyer

It is imperative that you hire the services of a reputed lawyer to represent you in your divorce case. You cannot even start to imagine the amount of time and paperwork an attorney puts into getting your case right. Experienced attorneys know what to do at each step of the case and will always keep you updated on the process.