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How To Increase The Speed Of Your WordPress Website

Is your website meeting target goals by generating enough viewer traffic? Do you find something lacking?Well, perhaps it’s time to give your WordPress website a little makeover! The more interactive and user-friendly your WordPress site is, the better engagement you will get. This article will guide you on how to increase the speed of our WordPress Website and direct more traffic to your site.


Nowadays almost everyone has taken to using their smartphones to browse the internet for information- especially when they are outdoors. So to make information readily available for mobile users, consider making your WordPress website mobile responsive so people can get to your information as quickly and conveniently as possible. This way, you may even gain an opportunity to convert viewers to actual customers.


laptopBreak up chunks of boring text into smaller “digestible” portions by inserting visuals to increase your user’s interest and attention span. Things like copyright free images are a welcome temporary distraction. Thumbnails can serve to capture attention if you use it in the right way. And videos not only engage another person’s attention more effectively, but they can also help you regarding analytics.

Call To Action

How are viewers going to interact with your website when they don’t have a clear direction? Sometimes a simple call to actions can help you accurately estimate viewer interest and provide the customer a clear direction on what to do- be it signing up for membership, doing something for a discount price, joining events and the like.


Keep an eye on your traffic and bandwidth requirements because some days you will be required to scale them to accommodate usage. Embedded content like videos can only load as fast as your web hosting can accommodate so the more render heavy your video is, the slower it loads. You need to strike a balance between video/visual quality with loading speed.

Page Loading

wordpressAccessibility is a large challenging factor when it comes to running websites. The more plugins you have, the longer it takes to load. Test out the loading speed of your page and find out what factors is loading them slowly- especially when it comes to the design and content portion of your website.

If you put into consideration the above tips on how to increase the speed of your WordPress website; you will undoubtedly have increased viewer traffic for your WordPress website.These sites do not always require lavish makeovers. Functionality and accessibility are the key priorities so by continuously monitoring and improving these factors; you will see a visible improvement!